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Rules { Mod }

So. SO.

Just some basic formatting jazz, because posting should be easy. If you're posting an entire story and not cross-linking, your entire story, minus some information, should be under a cut, okay? The stuff that's in the subject bar should be the title, and what part it is if it's out of more than just one chapter. DO NOT FORGET YOUR DISCLAIMER. The information that's not under a cut should look like this:

Summary: (This should be max of three sentences.)

Tagging is also good, but only necessary if the story's rated M. You can tag your characters, but meh. Do whatever. That's about all I need to say, except that you guys. Keep things civil. And leave some love if you liked it, or some critique if you think something could be fixed.

ABOUT REQUESTS. This is not a request community. Requests are for writers to get inspiration, maybe get some plots if they can't think of anything. Just because they claim a request does not make them completely obligated to fill it right away. Most people are really busy, and will get to it when they can. If someone claims your request and doesn't fill it for a while, maybe reply to their claim or shoot them a message.

But don't be rude, and don't stalk them or anything.

If you want to make a request, go ahead! (Maybe you want to collab, maybe you just want to see a pairing written that you can't write, ect.)

EDIT. Since we're having our Grand Re-opening, easterly has been doing a lot of advertising and such. If you've requested to join, she'll probably check out your journal and such before approving you. If you've been invited, then please join!

Crosslinking from your personal journal to here is what most people are doing, and that's awesome! You can also post your entire stories here, or you can throw up part of one and ask for critique and such.

Have fun!
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